About Trace Systems

Based in Vienna, Virginia, Trace Systems provides a comprehensive range of telecommunications, networking, cybersecurity and information technology services, integrated systems, and solutions to the United States Government.  Our capabilities span the entire lifecycle of support, to include engineering and design, integration, testing, fielding, and training, as well as operations and maintenance.

We support our customers wherever and whenever they require our services and solutions.  Since our founding in 1999, Trace Systems has been addressing mission critical requirements for the Department of Defense (DOD) in nearly every corner of the globe:

  • We live and work alongside many of our military customers in austere, hazardous, and tactical ‘down-range’ contingency environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and we understand and are extensively experienced in how to operate and support our customers in these challenging environments.  For example, we’ve been in Afghanistan continuously since 2004 supporting a range of DOD and coalition customers.
  • We support many different DISA, Army, Marine, Navy, NATO and Joint coalition customers globally in places such as Germany, Belgium, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Korea and Egypt. We know how to navigate the complexities of living and working in these OCONUS environments.  From taxes and visas, to sponsorship, housing, safety, licensing and life support, we are capable of supporting short-term and long-term mission support to our customers that need support wherever they deploy or operate.
  • We support combatant commands such as NORTHCOM, SOUTHCOM, CENTCOM and PACOM with solutions and services that require rapid response to requirements on a moment’s notice.  We have a long history of supporting immediate reaction and response teams as well as supporting short-notice deployments of highly-specialized teams to address cyber security, networking, systems, command center and communications systems and services requirements.

We adopt our customer’s mission as our mission and work to ensure their success.  We listen to our customers and anticipate their needs, providing support in advance of their next mission, whenever and wherever required:

  • We support our customers before they deploy, providing CONUS-based training and support to them at their home garrisons, as well as during pre-deployment field exercises such as CTE and CTX.  Our pre-deployment training support helps prepare the units for the technologies, architectures, systems, operating environment and tempo, projects and other initiatives that they will be faced with when deployed.
  • We support customers such as the DISA Enhanced Mobile Satellite Solutions (EMSS) Distributed Tactical Communications Systems (DTCS) and Army’s PEO-C3T and PM WIN-T as they develop and deploy new capabilities and feature-sets to units.  This includes support that spans from lab testing to deployment for field testing and certification, training and integration support globally.
  • When deployed customers transition their missions to incoming units during a RIP/TOA, we provide the technical and functional continuity needed for mission success.  We work to facilitate the transition of the mission by meeting and working with incoming units during their deployment workups.  For our Army CJTF CJ6 customer in Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, we’ve successfully supported this mission by providing continuity for our customers through 10 RIP/TOAs over the last 10 years.  We understand how this partnership is critical to the success of our customers.