Application and Infrastructure Automation with Modernized Datacenter Efficiencies

Trace Systems’ industry leading expertise in tailored solutions for virtualization and cloud computing enables mission efficiencies for customers and the ability to align the latest technology solutions to their needs. Trace Systems has extensive demonstrated experience in virtualization and consolidation of enterprise wide datacenters and applications. With specialization in unique customized systems and application virtual management, Trace can increase capabilities for end users with a focus on streamlined business operations. Our proven implementations have:

  • Enabled standardization of consolidating enterprise architecture and design;
  • Improved administration for system management and cybersecurity monitoring;
  • Decreased enterprise hosting costs;
  • and significant resiliency and redundancy for continuity of operations.

Trace Systems can provide full service end-to-end Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solutions to achieve increased performance and simplified management through cost effective automation and orchestration solutions on multiple platforms and architectures.

Rapidly changing mission conditions require agile infrastructure and capability delivery solutions to enable shared data operations while collaborating in a worldwide environment. Providing flexible, on-demand infrastructure enables our customers to focus on their mission while automating capability delivery with the help of agile and secure architecture and cloud platforms.

Virtual Datacenter as a Service (VDCaaS)

Trace Systems provides unique full-lifecycle capacity service solutions for customers that include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Our agile and secure infrastructure solutions ensure dynamic software defined infrastructure, which enables enterprise applications in secure hosting facilities in addition to public datacenters. Trace Systems’ private and hybrid capacity service solutions are engineered for high performance, scalable, and flexible deployment options based on infrastructure, storage, network, and performance requirements.

Enterprise Applications

Trace Systems can provide autonomous application management to ensure customized performance levels on multitenant security classifications and applications throughout infrastructure and network architectures. Tailored solutions for customer defined processes and key performance parameters create policies for performance thresholds while ensuring enterprise application management configurations are aligned with performance baselines.

Continuity of Operations

Trace Systems can ensure your network meets or exceeds operational availability requirements through reliable, rapid, manageable, and cost-efficient solutions for recovery management to mitigate risks associated with data loss and system downtime. Our continuity of operations solutions ensure infrastructure architecture is integrated with automated replication policies and software capabilities that are aligned to virtualized and standardized computing environments.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Trace Systems provides premier virtualization platforms for computer, network, and storage that can be dynamically created, provisioned, and managed with network and security services based on requirements. Trace can seamlessly integrate existing customer applications, tools, and improved security features into advanced HCI platforms to provide cost and management efficiencies. We can support custom hyperconverged workloads for resource assignment of application types, storages, and secure multitenant environments to provide agile platforms and improved service delivery.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Capability delivery at scale is a challenge in any environment. The Trace Systems VDI solution provides full enterprise capability access at the end user level through virtualized system management access. We deliver applications and functionality in streamlined services for secure environments. Trace Systems engineers provide solutions focused on resiliency, power, network configuration, and standardized designs for any location. Our proven system delivery has been validated through rigorous system testing and performance modeling to provide a variety of deployment scenarios at enterprise or theater locations.