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Voyager ECK

The Voyager Executive Communications Kit (ECK) provides a multi-enclave data capability in a discreet, laptop-sized package of solutions. With built-in cellular and Wi-Fi transport options, the Voyager ECK solution makes it easy to access secure networks anywhere around the world. Voyager ECK bundles a chassis for two Voyager m-Series modules, a rugged Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) handset, a battery-backed power supply, and housing/battery backup for a ViaSat SEC-1230 in a rugged, highly portable package. While the SEC-1230 has the proper form factor to fit into the ECK’s port, any other 3rd party encryption may require customized connector cables (not proposed by team Black Saber, must be provided by the Customer). The Voyager ECK has an embedded Cisco 5915 ESR with Advanced Enterprise Ser¬vices IOS, Cradlepoint IBR600NM 3g/4g/WIFI router on unencrypted side, and embedded managed Layer 2 switch (with PoE and Voyager Ignition Key) on an encrypted enclave.


Manufacturer: Klas Telecom Government

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