Trace supports the full system development lifecycle of tactical and strategic communications systems. Specializing in the development, deployment, and sustainment of US DoD communications in austere and hostile environments, Trace Systems supports the deployed Warfighter throughout the CENTCOM, INDOPACOM, NORTHCOM, and EUCOM theaters of operations. Our systems, services, and personnel ensure communications capabilities for our DoD customers across all communications media, for all forms of content, and with the appropriate information assurance/cyber security posture for each situation.

Our team of experienced satellite communications and network engineers can design custom solutions to communications problems using a wide range of equipment. Unlike many contractors who work solely with their own product lines, Trace Systems is vendor agnostic which allows us to choose the best suite of products to meet the needs of our customers. Most recently, Trace systems has designed a satellite communications hub that supports the entire Iraqi MoD communications infrastructure, and several custom communications solutions to support Morale Welfare and Recreations facilities around the globe.

Rigorous system testing is the cornerstone of our implementation philosophy at Trace Systems. When fielding any system, our engineering staff creates thorough test plans to ensure 100% compliance with product manufacturer specifications and customer requirements. Thorough testing demonstrates to our customers that we stand by our products and implementations, and we won’t leave until we know the job is done right.

Trace Systems is a leading integrator of communications technologies. Trace Systems designed, engineered, implemented, and operates and maintains a global network capable of providing satellite based Internet access anywhere on Earth (65 degrees North latitude to 65 degrees South Latitude). Our solution integrates COTS technologies including remote VSAT, remote wireless distribution, VoIP, Personal Information Integrity protections, local workstations including all user applications, user authentication, teleport downlink, and terrestrial backhaul – a true global end-to-end communications network.

Trace has fielded and sustained a wide variety of communications systems around the world. We can install systems anywhere, and specialize in operating in remote, austere environments that pose particular challenges. Trace is currently installing and sustaining equipment in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other global locations. We have deployed internet cafes in some of the most hostile locations throughout the CENTCOM AOR, most particularly demonstrated by our implementations in Northern and Western Iraq. Our successful fielding and sustainment tasks have included sites that were installed and operated by local national and third-country national technicians. In these situations, we have navigated the local laws and tribal affiliations to safely transport equipment and personnel through territories governed by competing authorities.

At Trace, we believe that training is the cornerstone of a successfully integrated solution. Before handing equipment off to users, we ensure that rigorous and comprehensive training is provided to our customers and tailored to their specific use of the equipment. For our VSAT hub integration in Iraq, Trace worked closely with our customer to produce hundreds of slides of high quality, custom training material on SATCOM theory, ground terminal operation, and iDirect Hub operations. We also provide ongoing training and support for a broad variety of other products to include, iridium, BGAN, Global Express, and many other communications systems.

Trace Systems has extensive experience with spectrum management and coordination for fixed and mobile satellite applications, as well as radio, microwave, and wireless technologies. We specialize in tactical communications service using commercial assets to provide the US Government and Federal Agencies robust communications capabilities without conflict or interference. We manage fixed satellite spectrum inclusive of transmission planning, carrier access management and coordination, and ground system testing when accessing satellites. Mobile applications include mobile device and bandwidth provisioning, tracking, and performance monitoring. Our 24×7 Operations Control Center (OCC) is equipped with the latest spectrum and network monitoring tools to manage, track, and troubleshoot a myriad of wireless technologies.

Trace Systems currently employs over 200 field service representatives (FSRs) who operate and maintain the primary and backup communications links between remote users, theater commands, and headquarters. The communications links that Trace operates and maintains provide mission critical communication capabilities to a broad array of defense communities. Trace is currently providing all satellite communications O&M support for AFCENT at communication gateways throughout the CENTCOM AOR. These links connect deployed Warfighters to their headquarters by enabling ISR high resolution imaging from drones over Syria, TDMA links to forward operating bases (FOBs) throughout Iraq, and executive level VTCs. All traverse communications links that are operated and maintained by Trace Systems.

Deploying and operating communications systems in austere environments can take a toll on equipment over time. A key element of maintaining this equipment and increasing its useable life, is finding cost effective means of refurbishment. To this end, Trace maintains the capability to receive, repair, refurbish, and reset a broad range of communications equipment and technology both in deployed locations and in our CONUS based facilities. We provide value to our customers by leveraging our extensive experience with communications equipment and engineering expertise to extend the life of systems in the field, ensuring our customers receive a maximum return on their investment.

As part of our full life-cycle approach to communications, Trace Systems also supports decommissioning of fielded equipment. Trace is currently working on a program to receive, de-integrate, and dispose of 22 Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Digital Technical Control (DTC) shelters for SPAWAR System Center (SSC) Atlantic. All communication material was transferred to the MCSC TIGER CLS (total integrated ground equipment readiness contractor logistics support) or processed through local DRMO. Eleven of the remaining empty S-280 shelters were shipped to OCONUS AF-PAC and AF-EUR units and eleven were processed through DLA.

Trace provides high quality, mission-assured C4ISR systems, integration, and services supporting the globally deployed end user. With a core competency in Communications, Trace designs, develops, and fields cutting edge systems that enable voice, data, and video communications for fixed, mobile, and tactically deployed US Government users worldwide.

  • Fixed Satellite Services (FSS)
  • Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)
  • Communications On-The-Move (COTM)
  • Tactical Radio Systems
  • Satellite Ground Stations
  • Teleport Interconnects (PSTN, DISN)
  • Microwave LOS/BLOS
  • Fixed and Wireless Telecommunications Systems