Trace Systems supports the full system development lifecycle of tactical and strategic communications systems. Specializing in the development, deployment, integration and sustainment of US DoD communications in austere and hostile environments, Trace operates in multiple theaters of operations, providing high quality, mission assured C4ISR systems, integration, and services supporting the globally deployed end user. Our systems, services, and personnel ensure communications capabilities for our DoD customers across all communications media, for all forms of content, and with the proper security posture.

Our team of experienced satellite communications and network engineers designs custom end-to-end solutions for different communications problems. Trace Systems is vendor agnostic which allows us to choose the best suite of equipment to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Vendor Agnostic Solutions
  • Customized Communications Infrastructure
  • Creative Design & Development

When fielding any system, our engineering staff creates thorough test plans to ensure 100% compliance with product manufacturer specifications and customer requirements. Trace stands by our products and implementations only after thorough testing and evaluation, and we won’t leave until we know the job is done right.

  • Rigorous Systems Testing
  • Ensure Mission Performance

Trace Systems designed, engineered, implemented, and operates and maintains a network capable of providing satellite- and terrestrial-based Internet access anywhere on Earth – a true global end-to-end communications network.

  • COTS/GOTS Communication Technology Integration
  • Global Satellite and Terrestrial-Based Network Capabilities

Trace deploys with the customer into remote, austere locations to field and sustain a wide variety of communications systems around the world. We provide high quality, mission assured C4ISR systems, integration, and services to support globally deployed end-users anywhere, and specialize in operating in challenging environments. For example, we have deployed into some of the most hostile locations throughout the CENTCOM AOR and most remote in the AFRICOM AOR.

  • Deploy into Remote, Austere Environments
  • Safely Transport and Maintain Equipment and Personnel
  • Navigate Local Laws and Mobilization Requirements

Before handing equipment off to users, we ensure that rigorous and comprehensive training is provided to our customers and tailored to their specific use of the equipment. We also provide ongoing training and support for a broad variety of other communications products and systems.

  • Comprehensive Customer Training
  • Custom Training Material
  • Ongoing Training and Support through Life of Contract

Trace Systems has extensive experience with spectrum management and coordination for fixed and mobile satellite applications, as well as radio, microwave, and wireless technologies. We specialize in tactical communications service using commercial assets to provide robust communications capabilities without interference.

  • Fixed Satellite Spectrum Management and Coordination
  • Mobile Application Provisioning, Tracking, and Performance Monitoring

The communications links that Trace operates and maintains provide mission critical communication capabilities to a broad array of defense communities, utilizing our Operations Control Center (OCC) and over 200 field service representatives (FSRs) who provide hands on service. Our 24×7×365 OCC is equipped with the latest tools to manage, track, and troubleshoot a myriad of networks and technologies.

  • 24x7x365 Operations Control Center
  • Globally Deployed Field Service Representatives
  • Mission Critical and MWR Support

Trace sustains the capabilities to receive, repair, refurbish, and reset a broad range of communications equipment and technology in deployed locations and in our CONUS-based Engineering & Integration Facility. We leverage our extensive experience with communications equipment and engineering expertise to extend the life of systems in the field.

  • Receive, Repair, Refurbish, & Reset Equipment
  • Maximize Equipment ROI
  • Cost Effective Refurbishment

As part of our full life-cycle approach to communications, Trace Systems also supports decommissioning of fielded equipment.

  • Decommissioning of Fielded Equipment
  • Reception, De-Integration, and Disposal