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Trace Systems’ M-DRIVE technology builds on previous JWA Support

VIENNA, Va., September 1, 2021 ( – Trace Systems, a leading innovator in virtualized technologies, communications, enterprise IT, and cybersecurity services and solutions, has announced its official participation in the U.S. Army’s Joint Warfighter Assessment (JWA) 21 exercise. This exercise gave the Army an opportunity to continue utilization of the recently NSA-approved M-DRIVE, building on its test status from JWA 19. The M-DRIVE is a multitenant, hyperconverged (HCI) software-defined data center (SDDC) that was used to enhance coalition exercise
support throughout the assessment.

M-DRIVE hosted the key Coalition Exercise Control network for Joint Modernization Command (JMC), providing the Command Post Computing Environment and connectivity for the U.S., U.K., Australian, and Canadian simulation feeds necessary to orchestrate the multi-faceted mission partner exercise.

JWA is an annual capstone event used by the Army to demonstrate and test new concepts and capabilities. The key focus areas in this year’s event were multi-domain operations (MDO), multinational interoperability, modernization, common operating picture, emerging technologies, leveraging capabilities, and how lessons learned today would continue to help armies fight together in the future. JWA 21 was an integrated part of a series of linked experiments including Defender 21, Forager, MDO Live, and Project Convergence 21.

Allies and partners enable strategic readiness and depth to the U.S. Army’s ability to mobilize, deploy, and sustain forces in large-scale combat operations. They enhance the Army’s deterrence, offer complementary capabilities, and share information.

M-DRIVE, the Modular Dynamically Reconfigurable Integrated Virtualized Environment, provides the military with the ability to host multiple coalition network enclaves on a single platform. It is the only National Security Agency (NSA) approved system of its kind and the only product on the market able to provide multi-tenant, hyperconverged, software-defined networking to meet Mission Partner Environment (MPE) requirements for DoD. Prior to M-DRIVE, one server stack was required for each network enclave. The power of M-DRIVE enables users to host multiple networks on a single stack, eliminating the need for expensive and heavy legacy server infrastructures while also reducing the time necessary to establish mission interoperability.

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Trace Systems is a leading innovator in scalable, secure hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), virtualized technologies and private cloud solutions within enterprise and tactical environments. Every day, Trace delivers mission-critical capabilities, infrastructure and support to enable customer success globally.

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